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Increase the value of membership in your chamber of commerce. gives your merchants association or chamber of commerce a turnkey solution to offer mentoring and advising services to your small business members, or supplement an existing mentorship program with industry- or discipline-specific advising.

Benefits To Your Chamber Of Commerce

  • A plug-and-play mentoring and skills-based volunteering platform that your members can access from anywhere
  • Your more established members can use their unique skills and hard-earned business knowledge to help smaller or struggling small business owners create new jobs in the community
  • Your members will be paired with the right mentor or advisor for their specific needs
  • We have a pool of hundreds of professional mentors from all industries and areas of expertise. Our advisors are active professionals from major banks, consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Customized, branded landing page for your program
  • Custom data and reporting on the growth, hiring, and social impact outcomes of your mentored businesses within the program

Support Local Businesses In Your Community

Small business owners need more than a network and advocacy. Our small business advising and mentoring program matches small business owners with pro bono expert business advisors who provide tailored, hands-on assistance to help small businesses thrive. Companies working with have increased their annual revenue by 26%, and added jobs at eleven times the national rate. also removes location as a barrier, so wherever you are in America, we’ll find the best advisor to help your companies grow.

Volunteer advisors donate 5 hours of their time each month, and in the last few years they’ve empowered hundreds of small businesses to create and maintain tens of thousands of jobs for working people in underserved communities.

The Value Of Small Business Mentoring

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    Mentoring doubles your chances of success.

    According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only 30% of businesses make it to 10 years. But for small business owners with a mentor, the difference is striking: 70% survive to that ten-year mark, double the rate of other small businesses.

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    The day-to-day needs of making your business grow,

    and making that growth sustainable, are beyond the skills of any one individual. You started a great company — but now that you’re growing, how do you write a business plan? Develop a brand strategy? Having an outside advisor is crucial.

  • icon leverages an online platform and volunteerism

    to provide small business owners with high-quality mentoring at no cost that removes geography as a barrier. If your company is in the Bronx, and the best advisor for your business lives in Virginia, can make that match happen.

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