Strategy Spotlight: Macy’s Fashion Incubator of San Francisco

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Last week, PCV’s Business Advising team held a Strategy Roundtable session at the Macy’s Fashion Incubator of San Francisco’s (FiSF) headquarters and design studio, whose home is the former Macy’s executive offices.  The session brought together of a diverse group of PCV advisors, FiSF staff, and a member of the FiSF board.  Following a presentation from FiSF’s Betsy Nelson and Jeanne Allen, a robust and productive discussion around fundraising and sustainability resulted in great insights and feedback from all of the participants.  The team is looking forward to watch FiSF grow as an organization and for the benefits it will bring to the city.

The Fashion Incubator San Francisco is one of San Francisco’s most unique new organizations – with a mission to bring the fashion industry, and jobs, back to our City.  When we think about the fashion industry, we usually think of design – but we don’t always think of the great many jobs, of all levels, that it takes to support the industry. And that’s what FiSF is all about – fostering a local fashion industry right here in San Francisco that has amazing designers, successful business operations and sustainable jobs.  Since its launch in 2012, FiSF has been well received in the local fashion community and media,  and recently turned to PCV for some guidance around how to continue growing, creating a stable revenue and funding stream and expanding public programs.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for FiSF, and were honored to jump on to help them out as they grow.

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