5 Professionals to Hire for Your Small Business This Year

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If you’re an owner wearing multiple hats at a growing small business, and you’re looking for ways to improve the prospects for your company, you might think about hiring a few professionals to take you to the next level. There are good people in the business world just waiting to unleash their talent on your behalf. Often, businesses think they can get by without enlisting professionals to help. It may be true that you can just get by, but few business owners are satisfied with that. If you’re interested in having more success, here are some professionals to think about hiring.

An attorney with versatile business experience

The legal aspect of running a business can be frustrating sometimes if you have to do it all yourself. You also might get into trouble if you run into compliance issues or simply do something that you didn’t know was wrong. Finding an attorney with experience in many aspects of business could benefit your company immensely. You need a lawyer who knows how to write contracts. You could also benefit from a lawyer who understands litigation, just in case you end up under the gun of a lawsuit.

A serious accountant

There might be exemptions and deductions you’re leaving on the table because you don’t know the tax code. A good accountant can help to fix this. Most people hire only a bookkeeper or they use an accountant for a week each year. An accountant on retainer can be an excellent asset to help you move to the next level. Accountants are trained in managing finances and keeping financial information organized and at the ready whenever it is needed.

An HR consultant

Too many companies try to wing it with their human resources. They miss out on good talent, fail to keep their employees, and sometimes run into compliance issues. An HR consultant can help fix this by providing a cogent strategy for the future of the company. As your company grows, you will rely more on your HR consultant as a mediator for settling disputes and making sure your employees feel safe and comfortable at work.

A financial expert

You might look for a person with a master’s degree in finance. Often, the difference between business success and failure is the company’s ability to anticipate upcoming trends, develop a long-term financial plan, and to be ready to jump on new funding opportunities. A financial or economic expert can look at the market and see how pending changes might impact your future. Learn more here about the specializations of this degree.

A staff writer

You’ll never know just how valuable a staff writer can be until you have a person publishing great content on your behalf. Writers can draft proposals, write website content and engage your customer base. They can come up with excellent ideas to help you take your company’s marketing to the next level. Having a talented writer who develops email blasts, online ads, and sales pitches will keep your marketing more consistent and professional, and it will let your company respond faster to marketing needs when appear.


Hiring good professionals can help your business grow. If you’ve been stalled out, then it can help to get some new blood in your organization. These professionals will help you deal with problems and spot trends in your industry. They’ll almost always give you an edge over competitors who don’t have great people working to help their companies.


This article is by Dixie Somers — a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.