What Your Employees Need to Become More Successful on the Job

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All small business employers want to hire quality employees and get the best workers for their toughest jobs. Each one of your employees is at a different stage in their career and have different needs in the workplace. Some may be introverts and some extroverts. When you learn more about your employees, you can help them become more successful and get the best work from them.

Workers Want Transparency

Your employees want a transparent work environment and should be included in monthly and weekly meetings. Some big companies will only share insider information with higher level management, but at your small business your employees want to know about your company’s new products or promotions several weeks before a new campaign gets launched. Give them the benefit of news first hand and keep them abreast of information going on in the company. While it may not affect their daily tasks, feeling included and knowledgeable about the company can make them feel better about their jobs.

Workers Want Recognition

Your workers should feel appreciated in the workplace. Your employees work hard, and want recognition for a job well-done. Most employees leave their job not because of wages and benefits, but because they are underappreciated. You do not have to give your staff expensive gifts, but most of your employees will appreciate a monthly pizza party or something similar. Make individual efforts recognized with employee of the month awards and letters.

Workers Want Purpose

Your workers need a purpose in what they do. Besides job security, they want to be proud of their job and the work they put out. Creating quality jobs is a concern for most employers today and knowing how to create them is important. As Pacific Community ventures found, a quality job has five facets and a fair and engaging workplace is a major one. Your workers want great training programs as well. Ask your employees about their hobbies, and assign them to tasks that match their personality. When your employees are properly trained, they can deliver excellent customer service and train others in a way that makes sense with the task.

Your Workers Want Education

Your employees want a higher salary and want to climb the career ladder. You should encourage employees to further their education and get ahead on the job. If most of your employees already have an undergraduate degree, encourage them to take courses in an online master in public administration degree program or something similar that can generally help the company or their career. It’s a boon to you and to them.

Create a Customized Career Plan

All your employees have goals and you should help integrate their goals into their current job. They may not be working their ideal job, but they can still utilize their talents in their current job and do the work you want them to do better. You can also ask your employees to create a customized career plan. When they know you care about their goals, they will work harder to achieve them.

Quality employees are an asset and when properly encouraged and rewarded, they will become more successful at their job. Their productivity will increase, and your company will have a lower employee turnover rate. Your workers will provide great customer service, and they will help you increase your profit margin.


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