Small Business Webinar: How to Build and Sell With a Multi-Channel Brand

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In this webinar, hosted Mark Chmiel, a Senior Marketing Executive whose experience includes Baja Fresh, Burger King, Dr Pepper/7Up, got milk? and KFC.

The webinar focused on branding and brand strategy for small businesses — especially those in the food and beverage industry — looking to build and grow their marketing capacity. We covered topics like:

  • Today’s consumer— How are they shopping, using technology, and making decisions?
  • Branding — Why is it so important, and how do I connect my brand with the consumer to increase sales?
  • Social Media— Likes, tweets and reviews are nice, but how do they build my brand and increase my sales?

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below:


About Mark 

Mark Chmiel is a Senior Marketing Executive with extensive experience in driving strategic growth (branding, re-positioning, and new product introductions) for retail, restaurant and CPG companies. This includes Baja Fresh, Burger King, Denny’s, Dr Pepper/7UP Company, got milk? and KFC.

Currently he is a Lecturing Professor at Mercy College, School of Business in NY, teaching microeconomics and strategic marketing. Additionally Mark advises small business, start-ups and emerging brands. His marketing expertise includes both brand corporate and ad agency leadership.

Mark is a published author in Advertising Age, and Nation’s Restaurant News, and a guest speaker for The Economist, Forbes, and the National Restaurant Association. Mark is also a small business advisor with